FAQ about Buddhist books

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I’m new to Buddhism and meditation – which book should I read first?

An excellent book to begin with is Transform Your Life. It is remarkably easy to read yet it covers all the essential points of Buddhism, including the most profound topics.

If you are interested in developing a daily meditation practice, then The New Meditation Handbook is for you. It contains 21 essential meditations known as ‘Lamrim’ that cover the entire path to enlightenment. It also provides information on how to meditate, the benefits of meditation and how to set up a regular meditation practice.

What should I read for a brief overview of Buddhism?

If you’re interested in a concise introduction to Buddhism, then Introduction to Buddhism is the ideal choice. This book clearly sets out Buddha’s teachings on karma, renunciation, and how to become a Bodhisattva.

Should you have further questions about books on Buddhism and meditation, please refer to the books on Buddhism & meditation page.