Weekly Classes

Pre-pay for a Drop-in Card or a Single Class

Drop-in card Jan 2017

How do Drop-in Cards work?
  • If you buy a Drop-in Card online choose to collect it at the class or have it delivered to you by post. Drop-in cards take up to working 3 days for delivery by post.
  • To collect at the class please bring your email confirmation with you on your phone or as a print-out
  • Use the Drop-in card at any of the 20+ venues listed on the weekly classes page

Please check the dates of classes you wish to attend listed on our website

How much do the classes cost?

  • Evening: buy a 4-week Drop-in Card (£24) or a single class (£9) online or at the class
  • Daytime: buy a 4-week Drop-in Card (£16) or a single class (£5) online or at the class
  • Classes are free for students on Foundation Programme or Teacher Training Programme
  • Classes are free for Heruka KMC members

Payment methods

  • pre-pay online with Paypal or a credit / debit card
  • pay by cheque or cash at the venue when you arrive
Please note: debit or credit card payments are not possible at any of our venues, other than Heruka KMC when an authorised member of staff is present

About the classes

  • There is no need to book and you can attend at any time
  • Classes are for all levels and everyone is welcome
  • Classes are self-contained and no previous experience is required
  • The methods taught are beneficial to everyone, whether Buddhist or not
  • At these drop-in classes people generally meditate sitting on chairs
  • There is no physical exercise involved or any special clothing needed