UK Southern Dharma Celebration

The Power To Change Your World

Southern Dharma Celebration

Fri 13 Feb to Sun 15 Feb, 7:30pm - 12:30pm   |   The Brighton Centre, Brighton


During this weekend meditation course in Brighton Kadam Bridget Heyes will explain how we can use the teachings of Buddhism in modern life to free our mind from all its negative tendencies and awaken our innate potential for loving kindness & compassion. During this weekend there will be a special emphasis on the well-loved and ancient Buddhist meditation practice of ‘taking and giving’ through which we can increase the power of our mind, develop the strength to bear difficulties with courage, and make our greatest contribution to world peace.

The weekend will also include a blessing empowerment of Buddha Maitreya – the embodiment of enlightened loving kindness. Through connecting with Buddha Maitreya we can find greater freedom, fulfilment, and inner peace in our lives. These teachings are very suitable for those new to Buddhism as well as those who are already familiar with Buddhist teachings.

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The Brighton Centre, East Wing Entrance, Russell Road, Brighton BN1 2GR

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