Weekly Drop-in Classes

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Overcome Worry, Frustration and Disappointment (6 weeks)

Discover practical ways to maintain a positive and peaceful mind at any of the drop-in meditation classes in and around London shown below. There is no need to book and you can attend at any time. Just £24 for 4 weeks or £9 per class. Everyone is welcome.

  • Week 1: Meditation and positive thinking
  • Week 2: Stop worrying and let go
  • Week 3: Welcoming what we cannot change
  • Week 4: Taking a break from unhappy minds
  • Week 5: Setting the mind free
  • Week 6: A daily meditation practice

The next course entitled “How to Transform Your Life” starts from week commencing 18 April for classes running on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For classes running on Mondays the next course starts from 24 April.

  • Week 1: How to solve our problems
  • Week 1: Transforming difficulties
  • Week 1: Dealing with conflict
  • Week 1: Developing a good heart
  • Week 1: May 17: Understanding what limits us
  • Week 1: May 24: Developing a constructive view of others


Classes by weekday

  • Monday
  • Classes by location

  • Central London (Zone 1)
    North & West London (Zone 2-6)
    East London (Zone 2-6)
  • Map of all weekly classes

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