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Stress, frustration and anger are common experiences in modern life. These painful states of mind can easily arise when we encounter challenging situations and difficult people. If anger is not recognised early on it becomes a poison that destroys our happiness and can interfere with our relationships.

This revealing series of classes will introduce several methods for recognising, reducing and finally removing this destructive habit from our mind, helping us to experience the peace and freedom that we all long for.

Each class includes an introduction, initial breathing meditation, talk, further meditation and concludes with discussion or questions and answers. All classes are offered seated on chairs, no special clothing or previous experience is required. Everyone is welcome

Overcoming Stress & Frustration (5 Classes)
– What is our problem • Week 1
– Why we get stressed • Week 2
– Learning to let go • Week 3
– Dealing with difficult people • Week 4
– Finding peace through wisdom • Week 5

Fees: Whole course (90 mins/class, 5 classes) £40  |  Single class £10

Whole course (60 mins/class, 5 classes) £26  |  Single class £6

Book online or drop-in and pay for the class on the door.

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